Akashic Records Intensive

The Akashic Records Intensive helps spiritual entrepreneurs who desire to breakthrough insecurity and vulnerability get empowered by confidently using their intuition to create the time, money and freedom to say YES in their lives.

ARI provides all of the tools to help you confidently and consistently access the wisdom of your own intuition. You'll not only know how to delete limiting beliefs (related to lack of money for instance) that hold you back in your life, but you'll be able to take control of your life AND your business by making empowered choices that are delivered to you directly from your soul. What's better than your soul advising you on next steps to take?

This is unlike other Akashic Records courses that teach you to heal others before healing yourself or long drawn out rituals that take forever for you to connect to.

Instead, I will show you how to get yourself balanced first and you'll have a CLEAR understanding of how decisions made are affecting you right now - plus, you'll step into your personal power to change it.

More specifically, you’ll learn:

  • All about the Akashic Records (Foundations) to get off on the right foot and have a clear understanding of the energy.
  • My 4-step process for Deleting & Replacing Energy - the exact process I use to clear and delete my clients limiting beliefs, for good.
  • All about Soul Contracts - crucial in understanding relationships with others and WHY certain things have happened in our lives.
  • Working with Angels & Ascended Masters - the ultimate healers, Angels and Ascended masters are the helpers that can catapult us to success and knowing how to work with them is priceless.
  • Activating gifts from your past lives - Yes, we have gifts that we can bring forward from our past. I'll show you how. 
  • Manifestation, Creation and Aligning with the Universal Flow - Once you align your energy into a certain path, understanding alignment and creating what you want is so much easier! 
  • Aligning your physical body & chakra system - This is the basis for health and healing of your physical body.
  • Grounding & Integration - The records are up in the Universe so it is EXTRA important to understand how to properly integrate and ground the energy after you've worked with them.

Join & Get: 

  • The Full Akashic Records Intensive Training Course & Certification (Level 1). This includes access to all of the Akashic Records module content (with downloadable worksheets, the attunement and audio files). Once your assignments have been turned in, you'll receive certification verifying that you've successfully completed all the requirements. - Value $1997.
  • SIX Live Group Call Recordings. These are the recordings from the first and second ARI programs. Felicia led the groups through specific exercises for each call, answered questions and also cleared energy as necessary. These recordings are priceless for deepening your experience with the Akashic Records and receiving answers to any unanswered questions.
  • Access to the Private Akashic Records Intensive Facebook Community. This is where you can interact with other ARI students and former graduates. - Value $497
  • How to Muscle Test like a Badass - This course teaches you how to ask your body for answers and it's the ULTIMATE way to test your intuition. You can ask your body any question and immediately receive a yes or no answer. This course is available immediately upon registering. (value $497)
  • (4) Recorded Money Alignment Clearing Calls to kick your limiting money beliefs to the curb, once and for all. All you have to do is listen and the beliefs will delete on their own. (value $247)
  • Advanced Training: I'll share the exact 30 day blueprint and training that the Akashic Records used to clear the major areas of my soul book that were holding me back. This is THE training that catapulted my next steps in my life and business - and it's the first time i'm sharing the exact process. I'll walk you through this training LIVE on a group call and you'll have the tools necessary to begin this process for yourself. (value $497)

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