Curious about YOUR Akashic Records?

There's nothing worse than experiencing challenges and feeling like nobody gets you, with no end to the suffering in sight.

Even if you're a Healer yourself, I bet you book sessions with other healers and psychics because you've been told that we have "road blocks" to seeing your own life and path accurately. Am I right?

I'm Felicia 
Akashic Records Master

And that's one of the first things I heard from other Healers and "well knowns" working in their spirit based businesses when I first started out -- It's actually a big misconception ... 

The truth is ...

There's something called Divine Timing at play in our lives. It means that when we're actually ready, we'll be provided with every resource and bit of information that we need for the next leg of our journey.

That "road block" to hearing your intuition and healing yourself? It's only a belief. And beliefs can be changed when you're ready and willing.

Usually this happens at a time of your life when you're absolutely FED UP with the way things are going. 

If you're anything like me, you have probably joined countless courses and learned many different techniques. I bet your walls are lined with all of your certifications.

Are you using Angel cards, Reiki, EFT and a plethora of other techniques to heal and others? 

By now, I bet you've wished that there was one technique that could solve all the issues and challenges you and your clients are experiencing.

Enter ... The Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are the Universal Library and they store your Soul's entire history from the time it was created until now.  
No questions are off limits! So you can feel free to ask about an important relationship, a business opportunity or why eating french fries makes you tired...Totally your call!


If you're ready to step up your game and add a next level Spiritual tool to your tool belt by learning how to heal with the Akashic Records, you're going to love the TOTALLY FREE video I've created for you.  



The Akashic Records are often underestimated.

Many people think that you can only read them for information.

That simply isn't true.

They can be used to heal issues in your life RIGHT NOW.

This video will help you understand how the Akashic Records can be used to navigate through your challenges and clear the way to your MIRACLES.


You're ready to hear about the biggest blocks spiritual entrepreneurs face when it comes to success, how healing yourself heals your client (and others around you), and how to identify your biggest money blocks. And I'm going to show you how to experience this for yourself!