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I’m Felicia Giouzelis.

I’m an expert at identifying and healing core wounds, passionate about energy healing and I’m obsessed with teaching people how to navigate a Spiritual awakening and everything it entails, in a practical way that won’t take over their life (because it shouldn’t).

I’m a happy California girl that spends the day writing, creating videos and working with my soul mate clients to transform their lives. Most days I have my puppy at my feet while I share the secrets of the Universe with my Soul tribe.


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Your Core Wound is the biggest, deepest wounding you have that typically starts around childhood because (and this is the fun part), you bring it in with you from your past life.

An abandonment core wound, for instance, will keep you in a relationship for too long because you’re afraid of someone leaving you. Or, you’ll stay because you don’t want to abandon the other person. It shows up either as severe attachment, or difficulty with vulnerability (you’ll always be single). I have a fantastic blog about Core Wounds that will help you identify yours. Click here to read.

I work with clients that are ready to throw logic out the window and dive deep into intuition by learning to communicate with their own Soul, heal their wounding and improve their relationships, money, health.

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Soul Tribes Re-set Program

This 6 - Week Program is designed to unchain you from Core Wound associated with your Soul Tribe. There is a weekly call, in addition to an occasional weekly homework assignment to re-enforce the teachings and deepen your healing.


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