Angelic Badass Training Suite

Train with Felicia to step into your true self-worth and power as an Angelic and Spiritual Badass.

Welcome Home, Angel

In order to be in Spiritual Balance, we must address the core route of our beliefs. Believing that we're worthy of all that we desire is the first step in achieving ultimate balance and living our True North.

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  • Learn new energy healing techniques
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Why Am I Qualified To Teach You?

Here's My Story


"I love this group because it's a safe place to be 100% me without judgment. I love that when I have a question so many kind souls are ready and willing to help. I love that Felicia is always a message away and demonstrates true love for others and friendship with no ulterior motive. I didn't find this group by accident, I was led to this group and I'm so grateful for all of you! Thank you Felicia for showing us what a true badass looks like!"


Are you new to the Akashic Records?

I've got you covered...

If you're the type of person that is tired of allowing outside circumstances to influence your life, check out the Akashic Records Healing Bundle.

The Akashic Records Healing Bundle is designed to heal and clear your energy when it comes to: 

  • Soul Sucking Financial Blocks
  • How Healing Yourself Also Heals Your Client (and others, too)
  • The Biggest Blocks That Come Up As a Spiritual Entrepreneur

After listening to these recordings, you'll experience a shift in your energy that  comes from learning new ways to be in the world, plus each call includes a clearing that will shift YOUR personal Akashic Records on each of these calls. It's available immediately upon purchase.

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I'm ready to teach you

How to Strengthen Your Intuition

Intuition is not something that only the special people have. YOU have intuitive gifts. Learning to work with them is the first step to changing your life. Join the waiting list for the Angelic Badass Masterclass.

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How to Work With the Akashic Records

Every Soul has a plan for this lifetime. That plan is stored in the Akashic Records and available to you for guidance and information about your journey. Join the waiting list for the ARI program.

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How to Open Your Heart to Receiving

Felicia works with a small group of people one on one each month. She trains energy workers to work with Christ Consciousness energy as well as working with people on healing the root cause of self worth issues. 

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Ready to Get Started?

The following courses are self-guided and available to start immediately. Each one is unique in approach and all of them use the Akashic Records to help you shift energy that is most holding you back so you can move forward FAST.

Rise Above Program

The Rise Above Program was designed for Entrepreneurs that wanted to break out of their biggest energetic blocks around business. This program not only does that, but ALSO addresses the biggest LIFE blocks that hold you back.

Whether you own your own business or not, this program is designed to help you break free, then UP-LEVEL at rapid speeds.

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Lighting the Shadow

This program is a guided journey through the shadow realm of your subconscious. You'll listen to a series of recordings that lead you through your own Akashic Records to view your most deeply buried energy. Once we find the energy, together, we'll clear it from your records.

This program is designed to show you what drives your motivations, even when it's not obvious to you.

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Money Alignment

Whether you're stuck in a money funk or money seems to fly out the door all the time, I've got you covered. Money is simply a matter of alignment. When you're open to receiving it, more opportunities become available. 

This program is designed to kick your money beliefs to the curb while opening your energy to receive. 

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Join the ARI Waiting List

Each year, Felicia opens up the exclusive Akashic Records Intensive and leads a group of Spiritual Badasses through their next phase of evolution by learning to read and heal their Akashic Records and work with others. Join the waiting list to be notified when the program opens.


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